It is important for Australians that are planning on working on Journeyman Electrician sites to learn a few facts about what an Australian White Card really is. It is equally important to understand how such cards can be found online and also how they can be obtained in classrooms. But, before proceeding further with understanding more about these cards, it pays to understand a bit about their background.
Anyone that is planning to work on a construction site in Australia needs to be in possession of an Australian White Card (induction card). Failure to display such a card while working on a construction site in Australia is illegal and will make the concerned person liable to facing prosecution.
At one time, these cards were quite individual in their nature which meant that each Australian state had their own versions of the card. For example, in Queensland the card was called the Blue Card whereas the same card in Victoria was referred to as a Red Card. In Perth, these cards were known as Green Cards and in New South Wales, they were in fact known as a White Card. And, other states had their own names for these cards.
But, after the year 2009, things changed and became more standardized. Each state then standardized the names of these cards which were to be referred to as White. Officially, these cards could only be obtained after passing a course that is known as CPCCOHS1001A which referred to work safely in the construction industry. This course replaced all the other earlier courses including the 30215QLD Blue Card course that was part of Construction Industry General Safety Induction in the state of Queensland.
If you are planning on working at a construction site in Australia, then obtaining such a card is mandatory and in fact, these cards can be obtained in different ways. If you are just entering the construction industry then you will have to apply for the card for the absolute first time. Otherwise, the need to obtain such a card may also arise if your existing one has got lost. However, if you lose this card, it would be very difficult to get a replacement for it.
The need for a White Card can also arise in case your contractor or company requires that you have possession of the latest card which is necessary with many of the leading home accent decor accessories companies today.
The best way to obtain such a card is by sitting through or by facing training in a classroom. There are some companies in the state of Queensland that will offer to give you such training. Such an option is perfect for those people that need to get their card on the same day and who can devote time to attending classroom instructions.
You can also get the card by taking an online test and this option is ideal for those who are always pressed for time and who need a more efficient way of obtaining their White Card. As long as you meet minimum requirements, it will not be difficult to get your card online.

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