What Are The Different Styles Of Fences For Residential Properties?

Fences are made depending on the intended use. For example, there are those that are built to improve security to stop something from going out or keep something from going in. Most of the time, these have barbed wires at the top to ensure maximum security. These are usually seen in communities where theft is common. There are also fences that are fairly tall to deter onlookers from seeing the home behind it. In such instances, they are referred to as privacy fences. Fences that are built with slats placed close together to prevent individuals from peering through them is also another type of privacy fencing. These can be built around the entire property or in certain sections, like around pools.
Fences are not only useful, they could also be a way of improving the aesthetic value of your property. There are several types of decorative fences that individuals can use in their residences. One of the most well-known are wrought steel gates. Wrought iron fencing is usually found in historic neighborhoods and is a typical addition to Victorian style homes. This fencing style is beautiful, iconic, and very durable but it tends to be expensive since the fence is designed by hand. Scroll work and robust stone posts are usual inclusions of this kind of fence, making them probably the most intricate decorative fences out there.
Considering the steep price such fencing style, many homeowners no longer get wrought steel gates. Also, commercial manufacture of wrought iron fences ceased in the 60s though List Of Building Materials For A House smaller specialty companies continue to exist. Instead, those who desire the style of wrought iron fences get molded steel which is more affordable and easier to find.
Split rail fencing is another decorative fence. They were traditionally used to keep livestock in a pasture, but eventually have become decorative fences which are preferred by many people as they can indicate property lines without obstructing the view. In neighborhoods, this can help keep off pets from the garden. Picket fences are also very distinguishable fences, and they are usually two feet high with a sharp point at the top of the slats.
They are set in a way that a narrow space is left in between slats. This decorative fencing is great for front yards as it gives adequate security for young children and household pets while still leaving a great view of the neighborhood. Certified Electrician Salary Many homeowners also favor live fences or hedgerows which is a line of closely spaced shrubs and tree species. Making use of live plants as fences will give you cleaner air, and provide an environment for urban wildlife.