A ‘peak’ body is an association that has been set up to represent and guide companies within the same industry. They are like the governing body of the industry, but they are usually separate from the actual government. They are at the forefront of their industries, and their roles include:

developing and maintaining industry standards

acting on behalf of members when lobbying the government

keeping their members up to date with the latest industry news and policies.

As a priority, they offer a strong voice for the industry they represent. For their members, they are the first port of call for information, news, and concerns.

Below are some of the major bodies of the Australian building industry. The reason why there are so many of them is because they represent different areas of the industry.

Master Builders Australia (MBA)- The MBA is the peak body for commercial and industry builders. As well as promoting the interests of its members, the MBA provides training, building codes, and legal services. They also run professional accreditation schemes for builders in NSW.

Australian Council of Building Design Professionals (BDP)- This is the main body for architects, engineers, quantity surveyors, landscape architects, and planners. They are well-known for producing their ongoing ‘BDP Environmental Design Guide’ series, which explains best practices for their members.

Building Design Association of Australia (BDAA)- This is the main organisation for Australian building designers. In recent years, they have run ‘Building Sustainability’ seminars. Funded by the government, these workshops cover environmental topics.

Housing Industry Association Ltd (HIA)- The HIA is the top building, renovating, and development industry association. Udemy Home Repair Their ‘GreenSmart’ training and accreditation program is funded by the Australian Government.

Building Service Contractors Association of Australia (BSCAA)- The BSCAA are the representatives for the building services industry. Their members include cleaning, security, Alternative Careers For Electricians facilities, and maintenance contractors. The organisation provides leadership and services for its members, and aims to maintain the high standards of the industry.

The Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB)- This council is responsible for writing the National Construction Code (NCC) series, which is made up of rules and regulations for builders and plumbers. Through the series, they address safety, health, and sustainability issues that may arise in the design and maintenance of buildings.

Australian Institute of Building (AIB) – For 60 years, the AIB has been a leading organisation for building and construction professionals. The AIB maintains the high standing of the profession by running training programs, accreditation schemes, and university courses.

Australian Sustainable Built Environment Council (ASBEC)- The ASBEC is a NFP organisation that represents those companies that are committed to environmental sustainability. Their membership is made up of industry associations that are concerned about the effects of building on the environment.

There are, of course, many more peak bodies in the Australian construction and building industry. It really is a complex industry! The associations we’ve listed above are the ones that often crop up in our day-to-day work as Sydney commercial builders.

By Master