A Modern Bathroom Courtesy of Glass Films

A Modern Bathroom Courtesy of Glass Films

Creating a sleek and modern bathroom design can be both fun and rewarding. You start with sleek lines for your counters, find a funky faucet, use sophisticated colors-and then you get to the shower, and the shower curtain, and suddenly your sleek, modern bathroom has become a joke. All of the sophistication and class, gone because of your flowy, decidedly not modern shower curtain. And it hardly matters at this point whether you’ve just got a plastic sheet hanging there or silk: it might as well be an anchor, dragging your whole design in a direction you don’t want. And that’s ignoring your window curtains completely!

Replace the Curtains with Glass

Your solution, though, is unbelievably simple: you need to get rid of the curtains, both shower and window, and replace them with the simple, modern elegance of glass. For your window, make sure the framing is cohesive with your bathroom’s overall design. If it’s not, consider adding a chunkier frame that you can mirror with framed art in the rest of the bathroom. As for your shower, take down the curtain rod and have it replaced with a sliding glass door.

Privacy from Glass Film

To encourage privacy, consider using glass films to block the view without blocking the light for both your shower and window. Decorative glass films have come a long way in the last several years, and there are now a wide variety of chic, modern patterns and styles that you can have applied to your windows and shower doors. Depending on your bathroom’s overall theme, you may want something with an Asian flare, like a rice paper pattern, or you may want only a light etching look. Even if you want complete opacity for your shower doors, there are plenty of options available that will mesh with your suave new d?�cor. And feel free to mix and match; what is ideal for your windows may not be perfect for your shower, and vice versa.


Outside of what style you pick for your new decorative glass films, the most important aspect of making them mesh with your new modern bathroom is how they are installed. Doing it yourself can end up being a nightmare, with bubbles or peeling always a looming possibility, even days or weeks later as the film settles in and gets exposed to humidity and heat. Instead, have a professional window tinting company that offers a wide selection of decorative glass film come in and install your new privacy films. Because they are the experts, they can advise you about the limitations, if any, of the films you’re interested in, and they can both quickly and beautifully install your glass film exactly the way you want it: with results that will look great for years.