Tips for a Bathroom Makeover

Tips for a Bathroom Makeover

Giving your home a bathroom makeover is not a luxurious sign of vanity. Remodeling your bathroom is actually one of the smartest moves you can pull off for your home improvement. In fact, a Cost Report in a November 2007 issue of Remodeling Magazine states that redesigning a bathroom has an average cost of $15, 800 and this then increases the value of the home to about $12, 400. You can just imagine how much more the costs will be this year.

There are many ways to add style, function, or a combination of both to your bathroom. Here are some tips:

One important factor that can immediately define the look or style of your bathroom is the lighting. The lighting defines the mood of your bathroom, as well as the effects that it will have on any color, tile, furniture, or any other material that you will place inside it. The effect that the lighting produces is instant and very noticeable that’s why if you want a truly noticeable bathroom makeover, consider first the mood or effect that you want your bathroom to have. This shall be the aura that you want your bathroom to exude and influence upon being entered.

Some good lighting alternatives would be blue and warm yellow-gold. A bluish lighting gives a vibe of coolness, freshness and soothing relaxation while a warm yellow or gold lighting gives off a cozy, feel-good, security-inducing vibe. Always remember that your lighting can give visually impressive effects and likewise affect all the contents of your bathroom so be consistent in your design plans.

Another important and instantly defining feature of your bathroom is the tiling. Again, the color of the tiles must be complementary with the lights depending on the effect that you want to achieve. For example if you want to achieve the illusion of space then you can choose to put sizeable light-colored tiles in your bathroom and partner it with bright halogen light and this brilliant white light will then give your bathroom the illusion of a clean, sleek and spacious look.

You can also try experimenting with tile sizes. Instead of using the standard sizes, you can opt for the bigger ones which give a classier and more polished feel. Exploring with textures is also a very good idea if you want your tiles to instantly give your bathroom makeover that distinctive and chic look. There are many styles out in the market today and all you need to do is decide on a theme that will suit your lighting and other bathroom fixtures. If you want to save on the cost, you can try replacing the tiles in only certain areas in your bathroom like the topmost or bottommost part of your bathroom walls. There are do-it-yourself tile replacing videos that show how doable renovating your bathroom tiles can be without you having to spend on outside services.

Another very useful instrument for an ultimately more elegant look for your bathroom is the bathroom vanity. Bathroom vanities make for a very good combination of form and function that is highly noticeable in any bathroom. These contribute largely to the feel of the bathroom and must also be chosen according to the style that you want for your makeover.

Aside from these you can also look into new bath tub designs as well as shower enclosures. There is a wide variety of materials and colors that you can use but as has been stated from the beginning, always keep the colors and tones in complement to the lighting that you will install.

Of course, if you want something truly more budget-friendly then you can always just redecorate. There is no need to remove and change fixtures- just create different effects, or enhance them. You can buy a new shower curtain, change your drawers and closets inside the bathroom, put in vases or pots for plants, flowers, or even use them with colored bottles as pretty containers for your toothbrushes, towels, tissue, and other toiletries. You can also redecorate your bathroom by having a new paint-job, using new wallpaper, and hanging pictures or paintings on your new bathroom walls. The possibilities are endless; all it takes is a little creativity and effort for this last part if you want to save up on bathroom makeover expenses.

A new and better bathroom can really make an improvement for your home. The bathroom is one of the areas that you will use more frequently and investing in this area is not vanity but a smart move indeed.