Adding Interest and Appeal to Small Bathrooms

Small bathrooms often present problems for home owners. While you may think of this room as the least in importance when it comes to decorating, it is the one room in your home that your family, as well as guests, visits consistently. Is there any way to transform those small, often odd-shaped spaces so that they look as beautiful as the rest of your home? This article offers tips and ideas for making those tiny bathrooms look more spacious and appealing.

Keep things light

In a small home or apartment bathroom, you want to avoid dark colors and lots of clutter – this only makes the room appear tinier. Opt for light colored walls, such as shades of pale peach, sky blue or cream. You can paint the walls yourself at very little expense, and the difference is amazing. Use techniques such as sponging or rag rolling for a texture that mimics that of wallpaper.

Keep floors light as well. Large sized tiles or light colored linoleum helps in making the room look more open and airy. To help make the bathroom look much more spacious, hang a large wall mirror, opposite a window if possible. This reflects not only the window, but the sunlight as well which brightens the bathroom considerably.


In a small bathroom, using the right accessories can make a dramatic difference. Shower curtains, bath rugs and towels should be light colored. Consider a beach or seascape theme made up of colors such as sand, ocean blue, peach and the palest green or aqua. These colors not only lighten the mood of the bath, they are relaxing as well.

A single silk or live plant placed in a corner or other area that is out of the way adds a personal touch.

Clear the clutter

Is your vanity covered with personal hygiene items such as toothpaste, deodorant, toothbrushes, lotions, etc? Clutter makes any room look smaller – and messy. You want the vanity to have a smooth, sleek appeal. Place those items underneath the vanity in cabinets, or if you have a pedestal vanity enclose the bottom area with fabric that blends with the rest of your decor so that you can store these items out of sight.

Bright lighting also helps make a small bath appear larger. Install additional lighting around the vanity mirror, or consider recessed lighting in the ceiling to light up the entire room. Avoid plastic shelves that many people place over the toilet for storage, as this further diminishes the size of the room. You might also consider keeping the laundry hamper in the washing room or in a closet so that it doesn’t take up precious floor space.

Put these tips and ideas to work in your bathroom, and you will see that this much-used room can be both beautiful and functional! One great thing about re-decorating a bath is that it can be accomplished without spending a great deal of money, which is important in times of a weak economy.

By Master