Bringing Your Bathroom Into the Modern World

Bringing Your Bathroom Into the Modern World

In years gone by, a bathroom was really just a practical room that was used for a specific reason. Now, bathrooms are more of a retreat, a place where you can go to relax after a long day. Today, bathrooms run the gamut from slick and chic to ultra modern or even romantic. How can you update your bathroom so that it is a room your guests will find beautiful and appealing? Plenty of tips and ideas are offered in this article.

Make a few decisions before you begin

Before you begin to make over your bath, decide what look you are striving for. Do you want a relaxed atmosphere, or one that is bold and sophisticated? For a relaxing retreat, stick to soft neutral shades such as cream, tan, brown, white and even soft shades of blue or green. If you love a bold or art deco look, go with bold, vibrant colors to add richness to the room. Black, red and white are perfect colors for the art deco style of decorating.

Textures keep the theme flowing

If you are installing new flooring in your bath, make sure that you consider the vanity as well. A stone floor or ceramic tiles often don’t coordinate well with a wood-topped vanity. You want to keep materials and surfaces in harmony, so go with a vanity top that is made of stone, marble or tile for a completely modern look.

Many times, people forget all about the fixtures and other adornments when updating the bath. These little things make a huge difference in the final outcome! Faucets, drawer pulls, cabinet hardware, lighting fixtures and even the mirrors should be brought up-to-date and in line with the style you have chosen.

Add texture to walls

Paint is one of the most versatile tools available for freshening up a room or giving it an entirely new look. In the bath, consider adding texture to the walls by using paint to sponge, rag roll or stencil the walls. This will add incredible depth, which gives the room a rich look. Paint baseboards and other trim a complementary or contrasting shade.

To make your bath appear larger and more spacious, consider hanging an additional mirror on one wall to reflect natural light. You may want to choose a central theme for your bath, such as a beach or ocean atmosphere.

Once you have completed your floors, vanity, and walls, add further to the appeal with accessories. Bath towels, window treatments, a bath rug and shower curtain will bring the room together for a complete look. Depending on the style of decor you have chosen, add a few art pieces inspired by your choice. If you want a relaxed and soothing atmosphere, accents in bamboo and wicker provide a comfortable touch.

Use your imagination, and don’t be afraid to do what you really like! It’s your home, so go for any look that will bring you the most relaxation and pleasure at the end of a long, stressful day. Your bathroom is your haven; make it your own.