Changing Your Bathroom Lighting

So you are thinking that you might need a new bathroom make over but you really don’t have the needed cash, or the cash is needed else where. Well maybe you just need to see the light, or the bathroom in a new light. New bathroom lighting that is.

By adding a brighter light you can change the color shade of your colored fixtures such as the tub, sink, and toilet. This change in shade along with the brighter light will make the bathroom feel different, and maybe you don’t need that make over after all just a little fixing up. The minimum amount of light that you will want in a bathroom is an overhead light and some task lighting such as vanity lights. You can also add some type of mood lighting but if the room is small you don’t want to clutter it up with too many fixtures.

Before you start buying other items for your bathroom, take a look and see how many light fixtures that you have. It will be really easy to make the room brighter with just one fixture especially if it is like most overhead fixtures and consists of a single bulb or maybe two with a cheap square or round shade that covers the bulbs. When you start to look for a replacement fixture, look for ones that have multiple bulbs in separate sockets. Look for something that will enhance the look of the bathroom while at the same time increase the brightness of the room.

A bright bathroom will help to make you feel more awake in the morning where as a dim room will allow you to feel tired and drowsy. If you are the type of person that is put off by a blinding light in the morning you can install a light dimmer or maybe just use lower wattage bulbs in your lights. Bright lights will also cut down on your cleaning time because it will be easier to see every thing making it easier to clean. Your bathroom can be changed from dim and boring to bright and awake just by the changing of your bathroom lighting.

By Master