Top Ten Tips For Getting Your Home Ready For Back-to-School

Top Ten Tips For Getting Your Home Ready For Back-to-School

1. Deep Clean Your Home.

All the usual cleaning like dusting, vacuuming and making the beds still apply of course, but be sure to wipe away the finger paint from the kids being home on rainy days, return all the kid’s friend’s stuff, put away summer ware and suntan lotions and paraphernalia. Your home will probably need extra TLC from sand, extra dirt, dust and mold. Be sure to wash shower curtains or doors, and get the rugs shampooed.

2. Disinfect Your Home.

Protect yourself from germs and mold by using a good household disinfectant. Be sure to clean all visible mold in shower stalls, floors, and behind toilets. Disinfect your home regularly especially after the kids start school. Their books and bags are great germ carriers. Disinfect kitchen and bathroom countertops often as well.

3. Clean Out the Insides of All Appliances.

That well-used microwave from easy to heat up summertime meals can really use it! Clean out the fridge from top to bottom as well. Throw out all old food — don’t forget that expired yogurt way in the back! Defrost the freezer. Don’t forget to scrub the barbecue and its tools as well!

4. Wash Windows.

Finger prints from extra company and the doggie nose and paw prints can really keep the sun out. To make the most of your home’s windows and let the sun in, windows should be cleaned inside and out. Be sure to wash screens and rid them of dead spiders and moths!

5. Power Wash Your Home.

The driveway and patio take a beating from guest’s cars, dirt and kid’s chalk. A power washing on those items as well as the garage can really make a difference. See grass and mud stains disappear from the side of the home too! Power washing is also great on some patio furniture and outside toys.

6. Organize Your Home.

Organize the entire home so it runs like a well-oiled machine when schedules get tight and the lazy days of summer are gone. Get a calendar, buy baskets for storage, throw out things not used in a year and set up closets well. Organize shoes, coats and desks. In the bathrooms, have a set place for all toiletries to avoid hassle on school mornings.

7. Feng Shui Your Home.

Homes clear of clutter and with well-positioned furniture can help to create positive energy flow. Change of color and well placed knick-knacks can help you to feel happier and healthier and bring about harmony in your home.

8. Get a Laundry Service.

Who has the time to keep all those uniforms for school and sports clean? Hire a company to pick up the laundry and drop it off for convenience. That way you’ll be sure the clothes are ready and there are always clean towels and sheets to prevent the spread of germs.

9. Involve the Family!

Have the kids pick up their stuff — It gets them away from the computer/TV and teaches them skills like cooperation and hard work. And maybe they’ll call “Mom- where is my…” less often!

10. Hire the Professionals.

Unless you’re one yourself, chances are that a properly trained professional can take up to 60% less time to clean your home than you could. Additionally, they should have all the right tools for the job — making your home a healthier and safer environment.