Choosing Construction Toys For Your Child

Did you enjoy construction toys as a child? I know I did and loved my Lego and Meccano (even though I am a girl!) Construction toys have come a long way since then and there are many different ones to buy for your child. They are excellent for helping your child to develop fine motor skills and, when used with other children can provide the opportunity to develop social and communication skills.
All children, whatever their age love to build things and probably like taking them apart even more! They will hold the attention of children long after other toys have been put away as boring and children can progress from very simple large Lego blocks suitable for toddlers, to intricate working models complete with small motors, sound effects and moving parts.
Some construction sets include characters from their favorite cartoons or movies. It’s also a good idea to find construction sets that are dynamic, i.e. that do not have one fixed way to construct them. In this way the sets will be more adaptable to your child’s imagination and keep their attention much longer. These types of toys stimulate their imagination and help to build their confidence. One popular line is Bionicle from the makers of Lego which children can construct and then use in imaginative play.
Building blocks are a great way for children to develop reasoning, problem solving and sequencing skills by using abstract thought processes and logic. This gives them a good foundation for learning more advanced skills Subcontractor Guidelines and is a good basis for mathematics and science. They will develop patterning and quantifying skills which are essential to the understanding of these fields of study and will help them in many other areas as they grow.
Construction Services Concrete toys also help to develop physical abilities such as hand/eye coordination and fine motor skills. Although many people think of fine motor skills as being the ability to use a pencil to write or draw this skill encompasses much more. These skills can be developed form the large motor skills such as holding large puzzle pieces or crayons progressing to finer skills as they get older. Young children can be introduced to activity centers with lacing toys and shape sorters and puzzles that develop these larger motor skills then progress to construction toys as they develop these skills. Fine motor skills involve, not just the hands, but the muscles in the eyes, face and mouth which are developed using these types of toys.
One of the most enquiringly popular construction toys is, of course, Lego. With large colourful blocks made especially for small children to intricate models made for young adults the range has something for everyone. Mini figure of all the favorite movie and cartoon characters are available and ranges including Legos for girls, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Indiana Jones and many, many more keep this toy at the top of the bestsellers charts form one year to the next.
Another popular construction toy for the older child is the Capsela range which includes engineering and physics packages. Consisting of spherical capsules they include moving parts and can be used in the water or on land. The range includes capsules with motors, gears, switches and many other types to construct working models.