What Does It Take To Drive a Platform Trailer in Texas?

A license! So how do you go about getting that license? You read the Texas Commercial Motor Vehicle Drivers Handbook of course. Common sense I know, you thought I was going to be Electrician People Also Search For more serious, well I am, after all it does take a certain type of person to be able to drive one of these monsters, it’s not as easy as getting your regular driving license.
The driver will need a Commercial Driver License, before getting the license they must first get a learner’s permit for either a Class A, B or C, whichever will suit their needs. Once they have passed the learners test and have a permit in hand they can study for the driver’s exam and practice driving on a daily basis, but they must have a licensed CDL (Commercial Driver’s License) operator in the front seat with him. Those exempt from obtaining a CDL are those operating a tractor for a private farm, fire-fighting and emergency vehicles, military vehicles and personal use recreational vehicles.
Some general information for drivers is that they must be a resident of Texas, and certify that they meet the qualification requirements of 49 CFR, Part 391. A few examples of that are they must be 21 years old, able to read and speak English language, have no impairment of finger, hand, arm, foot, or let that can interfere with driving. They do not need insulin to control diabetes, no heart or respiratory problems, no high blood pressure, epilepsy, or any vascular problems. They have no mental or nervous disorders; they must have good hearing and 20/40 vision and cannot be color blind. They must not be addicted to drugs or alcohol and a completed CDL-4 form is required as well before you are able to receive your CDL.
To receive your license you must also go through a series of tests starting with the knowledge test, this is a multiple choice test that a person must answer at least 80% correct before moving onto the skill test. The skill test is two tests, the air brake inspection test and the road test, the air brake test is first, this is a simple pass/fail test, if they fail they do not move on to the road test. The air brake safety inspection includes a leak in system, warning signals and emergency brakes, they driver is expected to demonstrative their knowledge and ability to complete these inspections. If they pass they move onto the road test, this will consist of starting the car, applying a quick smooth stop, parallel parking, backing up, upshifting and downshifting, changing lanes, merging, use of lanes and right-of-way. Also the examiner takes into account their posture, approach to corner, traffic signals and signs, left and right turns. If the driver successfully preforms these procedures they will be issued a Commercial Driver’s License, CDL, if not, they will need to take test again at another time.
What causes someone to fail the test you ask? First of all, having too many deductions, a deduction is a point taken away from the road test due to incorrect or bad movement, also, if you have caused any accidents. If you drive dangerously, do not cooperate House Construction Steps or try to violate the law, these will all result in you failing the road test and not receiving your CDL. So as you see, it’s not quite as easy as 1.2.3 to get your CDL, unfortunately because of health issues some people are not even eligible to begin with.