The Three Highest Paid Jobs In The Construction Industry

If you’re planning to pursue a career in the construction industry, it would be best to understand what you could expect from various jobs in terms of salary. You would want to make sure that your decision to stay in such work environment is worth it. The great news is that you can indeed see a better future if you decide to have a job in a construction industry. The salary is definitely competitive, and there are more chances of a promotion; however, it all depends on your education and experience in the job.
Those who work in the management section and skilled jobs in the construction industry can expect highly competitive salary. In fact, the Bureau of Labour Statistics in the U.S has stated that skilled workers earn as much as $21.87 per hour. On the other hand, those in the managerial department can expect $38.39 per hour. The statistics were made in 2008, and the amount increases each year. The salary is also affected by the location of the job, the difficulty in the task and the benefits offered by the employer (which may differ, in some cases). Here are some interesting pieces of information about the three highest paid jobs in the construction industry. Find out what is expected in every employee working on these jobs.
Construction Manager
A construction manager must have the skills to organize the staff or team, the plans, tasks and the materials or tools in the construction project. They are ones who assist and take part in the planning phase, supervision of the workers and the contractors and the delivery of the materials. Because of the demands in the work, qualified applicants are those who have a completed a bachelor’s degree in courses relevant to construction science. They should also have a certification granted by a recognized body for construction management. Managers in civil engineering and heavy equipment earn as much as $39.87 on an hourly basis in 2008.
First-line Supervisor
These professionals are those that manage the skilled workers in the construction industry. They are tasked to read the project plans, assign work schedules to the workers, estimate the construction materials and coordinate with the management. For this job position, those with a degree in civil engineering or construction science are eligible. First-line supervisors earn as much as $27.95, based on the 2008 reports.
Electrician Subcontractor Vs Independent Contractor
An electrician is in charge of designing, repairing and replacing the electrical units in commercial or residential establishments. They are skilled in connecting the circuits, testing electrical systems and ensuring safety in units that involve electricity. Those who wish to work in this industry should have education on related course. They may attend apprentice or vocational schools that will help them master skills in the job. Moreover, they should have a considerable amount of years for training that is relevant to their job. This way, they will be eligible in the job.
According to the 2008 report by the Bureau of Labour Statistics in the U.S., electricians earn about $22.32 per hour. Hence, they are considered as one of those jobs in the construction industry that receive the highest salary.
Although the tasks and responsibilities in the Residential Construction Contract industry are very challenging, the compensation is rather competitive. Thus, many people are interested in a degree in construction science or an apprenticeship as a skilled trade employee. With the kind of compensation offered in these jobs, every amount of effort that the workers put in is worth it.