Lifestyle – Your Style of Living Will Help Determine Your Design Choices

There are many factors that need to be considered when you are designing your home. These include family composition, pets, hobbies and entertaining. The size of the rooms, colors and materials are important to the full design.
Selecting materials for your personal space is an extremely important step and need to match your lifestyle. Consider your need for product durability, function, stain resistance and available warranties. When I work with clients, I take a great deal of time to understand and assess both the needs and wants of the individuals involved.
The type, size and ages of your family members will help to determine your needs. If you live on alone, you may select white plush carpet or silk upholstery for your furniture whereas, if you have young children you would likely prefer linoleum floors and semi gloss washable paint for walls.
Do you have a dog, cat or guinea pig? Pets can ruin a home if the right surfaces are not installed. A back entry with a dog shower or tiled floors may be How To Upgrade Your Kitchen For Cheap in your plan to accommodate the pets. To prevent fibers being pulled out by animal claws, manufacturers recommend shag carpets as opposed to loop styles.
Hobbies can be an important part of a persons’ daily routine. Proper lighting and book storage need to be available, for example, if you are Most Efficient House Size an avid reader. You might purchase a games table if you play a lot of cards or completely decorate a separate room for sewing and crafts.
Is entertaining a big part of your evenings and weekends? Do you have a lot of dinner parties that require ample amounts of seating? A fully equipped kitchen may be considered if you love to cook for guests. A large island with stools will allow you to visit with your friends and family while showing off your culinary skills.
Your home not only should be designed to meet your needs but also be a reflection of you.