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Construction Site Safety

Thousands of workers are injured or killed on Construction Materials sites every year. Falls, head injuries, crushed limbs, lung damage, slips, trips and electrocution are just some of the common accidents that happen all too frequently. But these accidents do not have to happen as often as they do.
Staying safe on the job is a priority for all workers. But when you are on a construction site this priority is an integral concern for the daily wellbeing of those on the job. By taking safety precautions you can prevent accidents and help make the unavoidable accidents less severe.
Ten Safety Tips for Construction Sites
· Wear your gear! Always have on your protective gear, such as helmets and sturdy shoes.
· Do not walk on or lean against glass.
· Do not set objects on ledges or anywhere else they call easily fall off of.
· Lift heavy objects properly and with care.
· Keep paths clear and always scout out your path before carrying heavy or large objects.
· Only use tools and machinery you are trained to use or have experience using.
· Use all tools and machinery properly.
· Beware of exposed wires and other electrical dangers.
· Wear a protective mask when being exposed to toxic fumes or large amounts of dust.
· Know what you are working with. If you are going to be exposed to asbestos or lead paint use extra caution.
What to do if there is an Accident on a Construction Site
If you seen unsafe practices or some unsafe equipment you should immediately inform your supervisor. If someone is hurt while on a construction site you can take the following actions:
· If they are unconscious immediately call 911 and seek medical assistance.
· If they are conscious ask them to locate and describe the pain. No matter the severity it is important to seek medical attention. Some injuries are more severe under the surface than above, such as electrical burns or concussions.
· Report any accident that occurs so measures can be taken to prevent such an accident from ever occurring again.
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Dubai Real Estate Construction Sector Showing Positive Signs

Some years back Dubai real estate market got badly hit by great slump and got crashed like a deck of cards. Now after considerable period of time Dubai property market is regaining its lost status. Although, currently Dubai is not enjoying the same high status as it was some years back but as far as Home Improvements And Renovations sector is considered, it is now on the right path of restoration. Authentic data shows that in the year 2010 approximately 3500 buildings were completed in the first 9 months worth more than DH 25 billion.
Recent reviews state that the How To Start A Construction Company In India sector is currently heading towards the crossroads of success. Banks and financial institutions will also capitalize the growth out of necessity. The overall growth of construction of buildings in 2010 is 24 percent more then the previous year. The growth is expected to further boost due to Qatar’s winning bid to host FIFA World Cup 2022. Qatar government has showed its interests to invest more than 57 billion dollars on its infrastructure. This will directly impact the construction companies of Dubai and Abu Dhabi real estate sector as they will get major share of projects.
The growth of construction sector can also be estimated by looking at the record breaking buildings of Dubai. In the fourth quarter of 2011 world’s tallest residential building will be completed. The princess tower located at Dubai Marina is 107 storey high and will break the record of world’s tallest residential building. These types of buildings are the avid proof of the conditions of construction companies located in Dubai. When the slump hit, Dubai real estate market was on its peak and the major reason of slump was oversupply of completed projects. The supply was increased and the demand decreased. Now as the market is stabilizing itself, the demand is also started to increase in a steady manner. This will ultimately push the construction companies to start the construction works again.
Besides all this, government of Dubai is also encouraging the construction companies by introducing different rules and laws to protect Dubai property market in future. According to reports government has funded one fifth of total value of all completed projects in the year 2010. Different property experts are of the view that the coming years will prove to be the pre-booming years of construction sector as well as of Dubai property market. The whole discussion above shows some positive signs about the construction sector of Dubai and it all tells that Dubai still hold the potential to gain its lost regime.…

Construction Site Accident Statistics: What You Should Know To Stay Safe

If you work on an industrial job location, there are dangers everywhere. From heavy duty tools to machinery that could cause a serious laceration with just one misstep, mishap or mistake, it’s important to know about the latest construction site accident statistics. Knowing what the most common type of injury is can help workers stay aware and alert against potential dangers. If you or a loved one works in an industrial job location, you must not miss this guide to construction industry accident statistics.
Construction Industry Accident Statistics
Construction site accident statistics report that more than 10% of employees have at least one injury every year — that’s more than 150,000 people each year. Younger workers (those under 35) have a greater chance of being hurt, perhaps because they do not pay close enough attention to what’s going on around them. Back injuries are the most common and it’s not unusual for a worker to miss more than 30 days of work because of an injury.
Additionally, at least 1000 people are killed on-site every year, and 30% of these deaths Single Pitch Roof House Plans occur because workers have fallen off scaffolding, roofs and other elevated surfaces.
Types Of Landscape Design Architecture Injuries
Accidents can be big or small, from a small scrape that only requires a bandage to an injury that leaves the worker with a traumatic brain injury. Construction site accident statistics report that many of the accidents occur with cranes, boilers, power tools, heavy equipment such as bulldozers and forklifts, and also due to fires and explosions, items falling from an elevated surface and from slips, trips and falls.
Preventing Common Injuries
The most common injuries at a job location are actually almost all completely preventable. For instance, someone who is working a table saw without protective goggles is at risk of an eye injury since a small piece of wood could fly up and become lodged in the eye. A tool falling from an employee who is working on a ladder could injure a worker on the ground level without a hard hat.
Slips, trips and falls can happen because of an untidy work site, employees who are wearing improper footwear and even employees who just aren’t paying proper attention. An industrial location isn’t like a regular work location and it’s important that the employees who work there understand how important it is to pay attention to their surroundings to keep themselves and their co-workers safe.
Knowing the latest construction site accident statistics is the first step in preventing these injuries in the first place. This industry has one of the highest instances of workplace injuries and because of this, it’s vitally important that employees pay strict attention to what’s going on around them while they’re working. One misstep can literally mean the difference between life and death. If you’re in charge of workplace safety at your job site, consider putting together a refresher safety course to help keep your employees safe day after day.…

Learning More About ICF Construction

By now, many people of heard of and are intrigued by green building techniques. Vertical ICF construction is one green building method that has seen resurgence thanks to its energy efficiency and environmentally friendly construction and installation process. Traditionally used in commercial building construction, ICF construction is as popular as ever in providing energy-maximizing savings and structural integrity to residential consumers. ICF, or Insulated Concrete Forms, are a type of wall that is generally made from cement-bonded wood fiber (usually made from recycled wood and cement) and polystyrene.
The strength of a building constructed with ICF technology will be unmatched in terms of strength, energy efficiency, noise reduction and comfort when compared to a structure built with typical wood frame construction. Termites and other pests and insects will not be attracted to insulated concrete forms, therefore eliminated the risk of having structural integrity compromised. ICF walls are mold, mildew and allergen resistant as well, so you can rest assured that your home would be a comfortable environment for you and your family.
Vertical ICF walls are ultra efficient when it comes to energy savings. Concrete and foam is the best insulator available for your home. You can save as much as 50% to 80% on your heating and cooling bills when comparing to energy costs of a traditional wood frame house. The high insulation value also makes it an ideal sound barrier, keeping exterior noises out of your home and interior sounds from escaping, allowing for better security and privacy.
Insulated concrete forms can withstand the highest winds that you would encounter with severe weather including hurricanes and tornados. Winds of up to 200mph are no match for ICF Outdoor Atrium Ideas, and neither is fire. Insulated concrete forms are able to resist fire for up to 3.5 hours. Furthermore, ICF walls will resist mold and will not rot due to excess moisture, so your maintenance and general upkeep will be virtually non-existent.
Installation of insulated concrete forms is relatively easy and can be done quickly with an experienced green building contractor. Many ICF walls are made with recycled and environmentally friendly materials, non-toxic and not manufactured with any harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde. Installation is easy and even the waste products are kept to a minimum. Cleanup will be quick and easy, and the leftover waste products from the Most Efficient House Size can be recycled.
It is easy to see why Vertical ICF construction techniques are gaining popularity, especially within residential buildings. The energy efficient, reinforced concrete walls have an unmatched fire tolerance, a high resistance to termites and pests, resistance to mold and mildew, and will result in the maximum amount of energy savings possible. The structural integrity of a home or building constructed with Vertical ICF walls will be much more enhanced to those constructed with traditional wood frames.…

Liverpool Builders – Selecting the Right One

Liverpool is a major tourist attraction in the UK and is a fast growing city. It is a young, vibrant city and was recently the Capital of Culture. If you are looking to build a home or have home improvements you would need to look for a professional builder. This raises the question — which of the many Liverpool builders to hire?
This can be a difficult task, due to the variety of construction companies available, but if one keeps a few simple factors in mind when making their decision to hire a contractor, the process can be a breeze. When hiring builders, it is important to consider the following:
Style of Architecture
Liverpool has a blend of different architectural styles. Most common is the 16th century Tudor architecture. Mixed in between all the Tudor styled buildings are contemporary/modern architecture. Find out if your builder has experience in building the style that you prefer for your project. Also make sure to check your local area council for whether a style ‘change’ would be accepted. There are very few building companies in Liverpool who can build and improve tutor style houses so you may need to look around.
Quality Why Is It So Hard To Find A Good Contractor
When searching the available directories or exploring trade magazines for to hire, try searching online for the business name that you see listed in the directory. See what the builder has worked on Bbb Builders in the past, and determine if they have the capability to do the job you require. You can check a builders quality by looking at photos of previous work and asking to possibly visit previous jobs.
Customer Satisfaction
Use the same online searching method to see if the builders you are researching have satisfied customers. Many customers end up sending in letters of satisfaction to their builders website, and this is a great way to determine whether the builder has good people skills and you will be able to work together. Visit Yo Liverpool and ask if anyone has had previous work completed by the company (Yo Liverpool is a popular Liverpool Forum).
Is the business honest? Is it financially stable? Check around and make sure that there are no newspaper articles (check the Liverpool Echo Newspaper) about the company being in a dispute with clients, or filing for bankruptcy. You need to make sure when hiring builders that the business will not try to defraud you, and that they will not go out of business half way through your construction project or home improvement. Often letters of complaint end up in the Liverpool Echo Newspaper (it’s printed daily).
Everybody wants to hire a good builder in Liverpool, and if they could call up the guys who built the pyramids, Buckingham Palace, or the Empire State Building, they would. But quality must be balanced with price, so make sure that the Liverpool builders you hire have fees that you can afford. Make sure they give …

Recession Proofing Your Construction Career

When a recession hits, it creates a chain reaction. First, companies struggle to profit from their goods and services. This forces them to streamline their operations, which results in the discontinuation of some services or products and, in most cases, employee layoffs. When employees are laid off, their family incomes are decreased or lost altogether depending on the number of working people in each household. Families with members that are out of work reduce their budgets, which mean buying less and living within or below their means. This also takes people out of the market for buying new homes. When homes aren’t sold, the real estate industry takes a hard hit, especially the Subcontractor Vs Independent Contractor arena. Construction specialists struggle to find work during these periods but those with the proper education can give themselves an edge that will keep them competitive and employed during these tough times.
Earning a construction management degree can put a person ahead of other candidates in the construction field because it shows that they know the basics of building construction and that they have a foundation to build upon. Construction managers are usually responsible for the physical construction of a building or section if the work deals with remodeling or renovations. They usually work on behalf of an owner or developer, but construction managers can also be individual consultants. Working as a contractor gives people with this degree and experience the opportunity to earn a living when companies reduce or freeze hiring during tough times. Construction managers oversee the workforce, materials, and safety issues for employees and the communities surrounding each site. Understanding the high level perspective as well as the small details makes this job challenging yet rewarding.
To step into a Subcontractor Vs Employee management role, a person should have a good amount of construction experience that can be gained through apprenticeships or on-the-job training. There are many construction schools that offer degree programs in construction management. The courses taken will teach students how to provide accurate timelines for completion and cost estimates as well as give the technical training to use state-of-the-art tools and specialized industry software. Many online colleges also offer construction management degree programs.…

Some Thoughts on Home Remodeling

There comes a time when your house needs some good refreshing renovation. Regardless of the fact that homes need regular maintenance, home remodeling can have a great impact on your spirit and can change your mood tremendously. So whether it’s because What Electricians Do the old kitchen, bath or living room is in bad shape and out of fashion, or just because you feel like it, what you need next is to find a good home contractor whom you can trust and with whom you can work on your home renovation project.
Choosing the right home contractor for complete home renovation is a serious decision. The things one should check for when looking for a reliable home Old Farmhouse Renovation Ideas improvement contractor are primarily: good references and recommendations, good standing with the CSLB, and of course the license and insurance.
With creativity in design you can make your home look rich, comfortable and fun to live in, even with a limited budget. The choices of good materials for any home remodeling project are extensive, and a good home contractor can show you how you can achieve the home of your dreams even within your budget and without compromising the quality of the home improvement job, be it a kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling or a totally new home addition.
As a general contractor I meet many home owners for home remodeling estimate. Usually they are referred to me by clients with whom I worked already and recommended me for the job. In my experience, weather it’s a kitchen remodeling, room addition, garage conversion or you name it, home renovation can be a very simple experience once you make up your mind on the style, materials, colors, appliances and your budget. A good home contractor should work with you patiently on every detail and provide a good advice every step of the way. It is a big investment and a long term one which can also benefit you in terms of the resale price for the house if you plan on selling in the future, so follow the golden principles mentioned above and every thing should work in your favor.…