Do Your Homework Before Diving Into Any Sort of Home Improvement

Like many areas of Florida, in Fort Lauderdale, aluminum fence boundaries are common additions to a good many properties. Also, because of the climate in Ft. Lauderdale, PVC fence is a good choice too. If you are a homeowner who has recently purchased a home, perhaps you are thinking of installing or having one installed. Maybe you are a long-time homeowner who has, with the current market, decided to make some upgrades to your current home. You could even be a homeowner who finally has the time to take on a project that has long been on their to-do-list. Whatever the case may be, now may be just the time to address your needs. As with any home improvement project, there are a few things to keep in mind before undertaking the construction of a yard enclosure.

When making construction additions to any property it is the responsibility on the homeowner to secure any and all permits necessary for the work. Often, a contractor can help with the process. They can many times provide the necessary names and numbers to contact. Contractors are used to the process involved in home repairs, as residential services are a large part of many businesses. While they are helpful, remember the accountability ultimately falls in the hands of a homeowner. Keep in mind that the length of time necessary to secure a permit can vary. If you are preparing for a project, pursue a permit right away. Also remember, if you are part of a homeowners association, consult with the association to see if their permission is also necessary. Sometimes, a call is all it takes, while other times, written documentation will need to be submitted.

Before beginning a construction project, take the time to shop materials and services. Prices on supplies can vary, as can the cost of services. A good rule of thumb is to request bids from three different companies. Sometimes a company may be willing to give a price break on materials when they will also be performing the work. Some companies may present a low bid, depending on pending jobs and availability of workers. Keep in mind that price is not everything. Quality of materials, reliability of company, and testimonials are also important decision-making factors. Looking for a company that is licensed and bonded is always the way to go.

Since outdoor construction projects can be noisy, visually unappealing during the process, and sometimes increase street traffic and congestion, it is a neighborly gesture to inform your neighbors of your plans. This is a common courtesy and can help neighbors avoid conflict, particularly those living immediately next to one another. Specifically, in regard to boundary enclosures, it is extremely wise to inform a neighbor of plans. Your idea and their idea of property boundaries may be different. Don’t hesitate to order a survey of property, if necessary. This will let everyone know where their property lines are. While a bit costly, this could save money and head-aches in the long run.

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