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Characteristics of Earthquake Resistant House Construction

Even though the earthquake shaking was still on a small scale, we should be wary of houses near the beach and volcanoes. The losses caused include material things, for example if a house or building is destroyed by an earthquake.


However, you don’t need to worry because now many modern technologies have been developed to build earthquake-resistant structures.

The characteristics of buildings with earthquake-resistant construction have a tremendous impact in reducing losses.

Want to know the characteristics? Come on , see below!

Type of soil

When you want to build a house, the first thing you have to do is choose the type of soil.

Soil types are divided into 2 groups, namely, hard and soft or weak soils.

Soft porous soil, too dangerous for a house or building to build on it and must be compacted first.

We recommend choosing the type of hard soil with coarse components such as loamy sand, sandy gravel and consolidated soil.

And avoid building a house on a steep slope area, because it can be ascertained that the soil is soft.

Structural Specific Earthquake Foundation Design

When constructing a building, one of the important things to consider is building an earthquake-resistant foundation .

Designing a special foundation with the right structure, can transmit the building load to the ground to prevent damage.

There are various types of foundations to support structures that support the weight of the house, one of which is a running shoe foundation.

Running shoe foundations are ideal for houses built with earthquake-resistant structures and houses with 2-story buildings.

Building Height

The number of floors built and the measurement of height are the main factors in determining the load borne by the foundation.

The higher the building is built, the greater the earthquake shock will be felt.

For this reason, do calculations before planning the structure so that the building is safer when an earthquake occurs.

Earthquake Resistant Symmetrical Building

In designing the building structure, it is usually symmetrical to maintain the balance of the building.

Simple symmetrical designs with regular shapes tend to be more resistant to earthquakes than more complex designs.

Asymmetrically or intricately designed buildings can experience large torsional forces during earthquakes.

Flexible Building Structure

A good building structure has a retaining capacity with a dynamic style and is quite flexible.

From foundations to walls, buildings that are less flexible and rigid are likely to crack and break quickly during an earthquake.

Use of Reinforced Concrete

The quality of building materials used in construction must be considered.

The ideal combination in the construction of earthquake-resistant houses is the use of reinforced steel with concrete.

This combination is not only strong and resistant, but also very flexible to prevent damage to buildings during earthquakes.

Earthquake Resistant Home Care

After the construction of an earthquake-resistant house is completed, you must also always check the structure of the building, both inside and outside.

This also applies to houses built in areas where earthquakes frequently occur.

After an earthquake shock …

Window Film – Change The Look Of Your House!

Window Film – Change The Look Of Your House!

Window films can serve several purposes. They can be used to block harmful UV rays, maintain privacy, security and protection and to enhance the decorative element of a room.

While almost all the window films offer protection facilities, you need to search properly if you want to add a decorative element to your glass windows. You have a vast range of options in front of you when it comes to utilizing these films for your house decoration. Here are a few tips that you may find useful:

Protect your sliding glass door – Squeaky clean glass doors can seem to be transparent and it might so happen that someone fails to realize that it is actually a glass in front. This calls for an accident. You can avoid such mishaps by adding a decorative film to your sliding glass door. Transparent films would not do much to make your door visible to others. Make sure your window-film has some pattern, or a striking color hue. This will not only help you to protect others from mishaps, but it will also add an attractive facet to your glass doors.

Get to sleep better – This is particularly beneficial for those who work during the graveyard shifts and have no other option but to sleep during the daytime. Such individuals would know better how irritating daylight can get. You do not need to take resort to blankets and pillows to get away from the annoying sunlight. You can easily use an ornamental film with a striking designer pattern to decrease the intensity of daytime light. It will add an appealing factor to your room and is definitely a better option if you are a day sleeper.

Unwanted windows – Old or inherited house often unwanted windows that you find difficult to get rid of. If such windows are not serving any purpose, you can definitely do something to enhance your interior d?�cor by adding decorative films. There are films that can impart a wallpaper-like feel. Likewise, you can turn an unwanted window into a masterpiece.

Frosted windows – Window films that impart a frosted look to the windows are the most popular decorative films that can change the entire look of your glass windows. You can get several options in the patterns of a frosted window film.

Do a little research before choosing a decorative film. Tacoma house owners can seek superior quality decorative window-films from ABC Sun Control.…

What is the Smartest Investment For Your Home?

What is the Smartest Investment For Your Home?

It’s summer and many of us are looking at how to spruce up our homes, particularly if we have been considering selling that home on the incredibly uncertain market. I’m not going to lie though, times are tough right now, and it seems like they will remain that way for some time, so us home owners have to be especially careful about where we invest our money. The last thing you want to do is put a lot of investment into your home when that investment does very little to increase your property value.

Curb appeal is a big step in increasing property value. This is all common sense stuff that you yourself would look for if you were buying a house. Clean windows, new paintjob/siding on the house, clean eaves, raked lawn, and so on. A clean and tidy exterior brings a feeling of comfort and space, rather than clutter and headaches. If you want to bring your curb appeal up another notch, consider investing in a small storage shed and paint it to match your house. Also consider adding some flowers/potted plants if you haven’t done much in terms of landscaping.

The absolute best thing you can do to raise your property value is to buy a fence that will last for a long time without maintenance. Wrought iron tends to rust and its weight tends to make it particular expensive to ship and install. Wood is lighter but tends to crack and chip, warp and peel. Aluminum is the best option, in my opinion, because its cost-effective, light-weight, and easy to install. Avoid a chain-link fence if you can, as they tend to look cheap and don’t last very long. A solid structure picket fence is probably your best bet, but many elegant styles are available in aluminum.

What really raises your property value is practicality and originality. If your homes style is distinctive, comfortable, and unique; you’ve got your sale (or a very nice place to call home).…

Purchase Tips For Residential Aluminum Fence

Purchase Tips For Residential Aluminum Fence

If you’re a home owner with a wooden fence you have probably noticed that they require a lot of maintenance. Either you’re replacing individual pickets or you’re repainting the whole fence because the paint has been weather damaged and is peeling or chipping. This is part of owning a wooden fence and, although they look beautiful once they’re complete, it’s a common thing for long-term home owners to skip this type of fence entirely and opt-in for a longer-lasting material that requires less maintenance; Aluminum.

The only truly difficult thing for an ex-wood fence owner to get used to when installing residential aluminum fence is that, unlike wood, aluminum has absolutely no give. You no longer have the luxury of being able to just manipulate the material if your measurements are incorrect. Aluminum requires you to invest time and attention into the entire planning process, it’s not difficult but does involve a lot a great deal of measuring and double-checking.

Before you start planning your perimeter, look around and find an aluminum fence dealer. Be aware that a lot of dealers offer to ship your product “free of charge”; don’t be fooled. It’s not free of charge. If the dealer insists that it is free of charge, ask for an invoice with and without the shipping calculated. It’s not free. Arrange your own shipping. It’s not difficult, there are plenty of online freight quote websites that can do the job in no-time (and for much less). Also, to really take advantage of the reliability and durability of aluminum, make sure you find a dealer who offers powder coating.

Once you have found a dealer, make sure you have the exact measurements of each length of fence. Often you’ll find that dealers offer fence sections in 7 or 8 foot lengths. Measure the perimeter of your property, marking each post location with a stake and tying a string between them (to ensure a straight line). You may come to a point where your fence section will be too long, you can either shave your fence sections yourself (if you know how), or talk to your dealer about a modified piece before you place your order.

This is important, pay attention to all of the measurements for your fence; posts, gates, corner posts, and fence sections. Draw it all out and make sure everything makes sense before you ever start installing your residential aluminum fence. Take a little time here will save you a lot later on.…

Bathroom Remodeling for the Elderly

Bathroom Remodeling for the Elderly

If for years it has just been you and your husband, and now you suddenly are making a living space for one of your parents, it can be difficult. You will need to think of all of the adaptations that will need to be made for your relative to make them feel as independent and as comfortable as possible. Part of this will be to look into bathroom remodeling that is specific to those with physical needs. You will want to find a company that has done this work often, is affordable, and is also quick and efficient in their work.

The bathroom remodeling job will need to be done by the time your relative moves in with you, so you might feel a sense of urgency if this was an unplanned move. The fastest way to get started on your search might be to go to the internet and specifically search for companies that install bathrooms for the elderly. As you look at the different websites, look for those that have been doing this work for a while. That will give you more confidence that they will do the job right.

In order to find out the affordability of a company, you might want to take companies up on their offers of a free quote if they do this. Ask each of the companies you are considering to give you a quote, and you should be able to have fairly good price comparison information to help you as you make your decision.

The time aspect and efficiency of a company is very important as you are looking for a bathroom remodeling company. Some companies may not have enough help, and they may take a long time to do so-so work. Ask each of the companies how long it will take and also how many people will be working on the project.

Once you settle on a company that can do the work you are hoping to have done, then you will be able to finalize what the new space will be like. There are a variety of things that can be done to help the elderly. You could have a walk-in tub and or shower, a wheel chair accessible sink, and even a specialized toilet set-up for their needs. You will also want to consider the placement of cabinets and cupboards so that they will be accessible to your relative. Before any of these items are installed in the space, the room will need to have the paint and floor done. Remember to consider the flooring carefully, so that it is not one that would be too slippery if it gets wet.

Once all of the decisions are made for all of the details, you should be able to just let the company do their work. You should make sure to check in on them periodically so that if something is done wrong, you will be able to catch it before it is too …

Get Premium Sun Protection

Get Premium Sun Protection

Are you moving to the city of your dreams? Do you wish to live a glamorous, exciting and thrilling life in the wonderful City of Lights? Do you wish to retire and live a family home life in the great Entertainment Capital of the world, NV?

NV is famous for its excellent services in fine dining, shopping as well as gambling which attracted people from all over the globe. The city has increasingly been more popular among people seeking retirement as well as those seeking a good and exciting family life. Beyond the surface, there are overlooked services that keep everything together. NV window tinting services are one of them.

Everyone wants to live in NV and to enjoy a long life time in this city of happiness you need to ensure that your health is protected and streamlined. Living in the brightest city on Earth does not go without health risks, in fact the numerous and large buildings that pepper across this city contains thousands of windows and other materials that are highly reflective of the sun is glaring and dangerous heat rays.

Vitamins, supplements, healthy living, security-enabled equipments and constant visit to your physician all help to prolong life in NV. To combat the major sun damage problem brought about by rapid global warming and its increased effect in city states full of heat reflecting and absorbing materials, you need all around protection.

Enjoy a healthy and sun-protected life by having UV protected windows installed in your own homes. What better to see the sights of NV than a large and wide NV window tinting that rejects a large portion of UV from getting inside your homes? While traveling the fun filled streets of NV, get protected by going to your nearest NV auto glass tinting shops so the inside of your car is protected from the harmful heat of the sun.

NV Window Tinting services can reduce the effect of the glaring sun in your vehicle while keeping the inside of your car bright. You can also have windows like this installed in your own homes to get a 99.9% protection from UV rays.

Search for NV Window Tinting [] services that install premium glass that rejects heat, reduces your air-conditioning gas consumption as well as preserve your carpets and your health. Keep healthy and live a long life in the city of Lights by applying the above mentioned tips. Good luck!…

Make Your Fence An Ornament For Your Garden

Make Your Fence An Ornament For Your Garden

The first impression is always the last impression they say. Therefore, how your dwelling looks could make a lasting impression on the people who visit it. The most common structure that every property holds is the fence that gives the idea of the taste of people living within. A common trend noticed in the fencing market these days is the use of wrought iron or aluminum fences that are both durable and ornamental.

Fences could be made up of wood, chain link or aluminum. Experts advise the use of aluminum fences over the other varieties for many reasons. For starters, aluminum fences prove highly cost effective due to their maintenance free, durable nature. The reason for the durability is the coating of sprayed-on, powder like finish that turns hard and can be done in various colors.

Due to the presence of the special coating you could get a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty for the design chosen by you. While the initial output of funds may be higher for an aluminum fence, you may find that these maintenance free fences will save you a lot over the years.

Ornamental aluminum fences are in vogue these days. In the market, you could get a host of designs made out of wrought iron and aluminum. As for the best suited designs you could have professionals help you figure out the design that is best for you. A few tips here will help you have a preconceived idea of how to go about your fence selection. Choose a style that goes with your property design. For example, if your home is a Victorian, go for old-fashioned fencing designs that bring back the days of old.

Choose a design that gels with the overall theme of your yard or lawn. You might want to get a few sample pieces and try them in various places of your open space to see how they fit. Or check out images on the Internet and possibly drive around the neighborhood for some ideas on how to use fencing in creative ways.

Get the type of fencing that serves your purposes. Decorative fencing adds attractive accents to your home and garden. There are numerous styles, materials, and designs available online at various websites of which Fence Wholesale has gained popularity with their extensively researched and trendy designs. Visit it today and go for your desired fence.…